The worst of Edgartown’s traffic prob­lems is still months away, but a group of North­eastern Uni­ver­sity stu­dents are spending the off-​​season looking for a solution.

For the second year in a row, trans­porta­tion stu­dents par­tic­i­pating in pro­fessor Daniel Dulaski’s senior cap­stone project are facing off against a worthy oppo­nent: Edgartown’s seasonally-​​congested streets and traffic pat­terns. Their solu­tions include nar­rowing traffic lanes and adding a shoulder, turning Cooke street into a bike-​​only street, and changing traffic pat­terns around the con­gested tri­angle area.

The five stu­dents — Salina Martin, Christo­pher Howard, Sarah Keenan, Dou­glas Halpert and Jef­frey Eisen­haur — trav­eled to the Vine­yard for the first time Friday to present their pro­posals for the Upper Main street area, which includes the jail, Stop & Shop and the infa­mous tri­angle inter­sec­tion between Edgartown-​​Vineyard Haven Road, Main street, and Beach Road that often pro­duces backups in the summer months. As part of the project, the stu­dents take on real-​​world traffic prob­lems and pose solu­tions. Other stu­dent groups this year are working on prob­lems in Boston, Medway and North Attle­boro. Last year, a sim­ilar group looked at lower Main street.

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