ON THE AIR: Aereo founder and chief exec­u­tive Chet Kanojia, left, speaks at a North­eastern Uni­ver­sity event with the university’s pres­i­dent Joseph Aoun last week. Kanojia is a North­eastern graduate.
Internet TV com­pany Aereo con­tinues to expand and is looking to Boston to beef up its engi­neering staff even as it faces law­suits across the country from broad­cast industry giants.

Our expec­ta­tion was there would be a lot of con­tro­versy around this, but there was some hope that people would rec­og­nize it’s a good idea,” said Chet Kanojia, Aereo’s founder and CEO. “We think we’re on to some­thing very big.”

Aereo uses over-​​the-​​air antennas to cap­ture TV broad­casts and relay the sig­nals over the Internet, let­ting users watch and record local live pro­gram­ming. Aereo launched its Android app last week and will debut in Detroit tomorrow — the eighth market in its 22-​​city expan­sion plan.

They clearly are get­ting enough trac­tion that the investors are saying let’s expand this nation­wide,” said Brett Sap­pington, a media ana­lyst and director of research at Parks Asso­ciates in Dallas.

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