Two civil rights advo­cates argued Wednesday against the reap­point­ment of state parole board member Lucy Soto-​​Abbe, saying she is wrong for the panel because of her back­ground as a long­time victim wit­ness advo­cate and ten­dency to deny parole.

Addressing the Governor’s Council, attor­neys Patricia Garin and Leslie Walker said they would like to see more can­di­dates like Tonomey Coleman, a crim­inal defense attorney. He was nom­i­nated to the board ear­lier this month, along with Soto-​​Abbe, by Gov­ernor Deval Patrick.

We need to have a more diverse parole board with people on it that are going to stand up and think of some cre­ative things to do to change this system,” said Garin, the co-​​director of The Pris­oners Assis­tance Project at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity Law School, during Soto-Abbe’s reap­point­ment hearing at the State House.

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