As med­ical tech­nology con­tinues to advance, the lowly ban­dage con­tin­u­ally gets left behind. Sure, it was exciting when Clear Strips ban­dages were intro­duced in 1957. And the Liquid Ban­dage, unveiled in 2002, is nothing to sniff at. But where are our sensor-​​filled Band-​​Aids?

They’re coming soon, thanks in part to work being done by Ed Goluch, an assis­tant pro­fessor of chem­ical engi­neering at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity. He’s working on a “smart ban­dage” that can mon­itor infec­tions and alert patients to their exis­tence. If it goes into pro­duc­tion, this will be the next big step in ban­dage technology.

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