Twenty-​​five years ago today, an Illi­nois court over­turned Gary Dotson’s con­vic­tion for rape and aggra­vated kid­nap­ping after DNA tests per­formed on the bio­log­ical evi­dence in the orig­inal rape kit excluded him as the per­pe­trator. This was the first exon­er­a­tion of an inno­cent pris­oner in this country based on post-​​conviction DNA testing, and it was not the last. According to data com­piled by the Inno­cence Project in New York City, post-​​conviction DNA evi­dence has since yielded 316 other exon­er­a­tions in the United States.

What have we learned from these DNA exon­er­a­tions? Scholars have exam­ined these cases in search of what went wrong.

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