Micro apart­ments are rapidly becoming the favorite afford­able housing solu­tion for young pro­fes­sionals and moderate-​​income renters in high-​​cost, crowded cities like New York and San Fran­cisco. But the reality of living in less than 400 square feet is seldom as charming as all those pic­tures of custom Swedish fur­ni­ture sug­gest. The reality looks more like this: Your bed is also your dining table. Your bath­room would fit on an air­plane. And you can never invite your friends over for drinks.

So how do you turn the micro apart­ment into some­thing more humane (without, that is, expo­nen­tially dri­ving up the costs that make micro apart­ments nec­es­sary in the first place)? One model has been to try to create shared common spaces. Sure, you don’t have a living room, but there’s an all-​​purpose lounge in the basement!

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