When Snapchat Co-​​founders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy appeared on The Col­bert Report in April, North­eastern under­grad­uate Matteo Alampi sat by watching, inspired by this idea of “con­ver­sa­tional photos.”

Naysayers have said, “No one needs another social net­work.” Yet, despite that, new plat­forms have con­tinued crop­ping up, seeing mas­sive suc­cess. Snapchat, alone, has raised $123 mil­lion in total, turning down a $3 bil­lion offer from Face­book in the process.

Alampi is now striving to see sim­ilar success.

Over the last seven months, Alampi has been building Son­ical, a free, sound-​​based social net­working app intended to make sharing expe­ri­ences, ideas and infor­ma­tion more personal.

The app went live Sunday evening, and allows people to create seven-​​second “sound col­lages” through short, multi-​​clip record­ings. Alampi set­tled on seven sec­onds after seeing how long it took him to com­fort­ably read 140 char­ac­ters of text on Twitter. With the time con­stric­tion in place, users are forced to be con­cise and make their posts “digestible.”

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