The USDA defines a “food desert” as any loca­tion without a gro­cery store within a one-​​mile radius. When Josh Trautwein goes to work at the MGH Charlestown Health­Care Center, he sees the effects of Boston’s food deserts firsthand.

People are resigned to shop­ping at corner stores, which are usu­ally more expen­sive and have a nar­rower selec­tion,” Trautwein says. “We’re talking about a basic neces­sity for fam­i­lies that’s been stripped from a lot of com­mu­ni­ties, in our city and throughout the country.”

Trautwein and his busi­ness partner, Daniel Clarke, are seeking to serve these pop­u­la­tions — and put a new spin on the food-​​truck trend — with the Fresh Truck, a mobile pro­duce market in a revamped school bus. The two recent North­eastern grads hope to use it to bring fresh fruits and veg­eta­bles to neigh­bor­hoods where they’re most needed, like Rox­bury, Charlestown, and Mattapan.


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