If 40 pages of sta­tis­tics, tables, graphs, and eco­nomic analysis could gen­erate any buzz at all, the state’s release of its report on long-​​term fiscal policy would have gar­nered front-​​page head­lines. Indeed, it should have, for this may be the first time ever a gov­ernor has asked for a five-​​year budget plan antic­i­pating future rev­enues and expen­di­tures. We can be proud of the fact that the leaders of the state have been excel­lent fiscal stew­ards through the most dif­fi­cult eco­nomic period since the Great Depres­sion, imple­menting dif­fi­cult budget cuts and improving our bond rat­ings to their highest levels in his­tory. But we are hardly out of the fiscal woods.

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