CITIES CAN BE TOUGH places to get around—and Boston is among the toughest, but it’s also ripe for a solu­tion. Call it HUBus.

Here’s the pic­ture: As you linger over your morning coffee, your phone beeps to tell you the HUBus is two min­utes away. But there’s another one in 10 min­utes, and you decide to wait. Even once you’re aboard, you can use the bus’s Wi-​​Fi to finish that project for work.

It’s almost hard to remember the days before shiny blue-​​and-​​gold HUBuses criss­crossed the streets, when Boston’s only public trans­porta­tion was run by the MBTA. For­tu­nately, the new mayor decided to do some­thing, ordering his trans­porta­tion com­mis­sioner to get the country’s most tech­no­log­i­cally advanced urban bus system up and run­ning within a year.

The HUBus net­work doesn’t use any tech­nology that didn’t exist in 2013—it just puts it together in ways that change com­muting dra­mat­i­cally. And it doesn’t replace the MBTA, just sup­ple­ments it with more flex­ible, respon­sive transit that pulls the city together.

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