When Boston Globe arts reporter Geoff Edgers and mul­ti­media pro­ducer Darren Durlach pro­posed making a doc­u­men­tary about five run­ners who were crossing the Boston Marathon finish line at the moment that the bomb­ings took place, editor Brian McGrory’s reac­tion was: Why not?

What do you need? Two weeks?” McGrory recalled asking them.

As it turned out, it took Edgers and Durlach eight months, thou­sands of miles on the road and, as McGrory put it, “God knows how many dol­lars” to make “5 Run­ners,” which pre­miered before a crowd of sev­eral hun­dred people at the JFK Library Thursday evening.

The 25-​​minute film, which McGrory called “the first full-​​fledged doc­u­men­tary that the Boston Globe has ever pro­duced,” will debut on NESN on Monday. It’s an early sign that a strategy to move into tele­vi­sion, which Globe owner John Henry announced ear­lier this year, is begin­ning to take shape — although Edgers and Durlach began working on the film before Henry bought the paper. (Henry is also the prin­cipal owner of the Red Sox, which con­trols a chunk of NESN.)

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