The $2.8 bil­lion is the most that Buf­fett has donated to char­i­ties since he began making annual gifts in 2006, showing that Buf­fett is com­mitted to giving away an unprece­dented sum of money in his life­time, says Rebecca Riccio, director of the Social Impact Lab at North­eastern University.

She says Buf­fett con­siders these to be smart phil­an­thropic invest­ments because he trusts the Gates Foun­da­tion to use his money effec­tively in a way that is aligned with his per­sonal values and interests.

He wants it to be used wisely, but acknowl­edges that he doesn’t have the time or exper­tise required to engage in effec­tive grant making,” Riccio said. “Instead, he takes what he calls a ‘whole­sale approach’ by lever­aging his talent for iden­ti­fying good invest­ment oppor­tu­ni­ties, and making a small number of extremely large gifts to the Gates Foundation.”

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