Banks of blood and sperm

The word “bank” typ­i­cally refers to finan­cial insti­tu­tions, large and small, from the store­front where you go to cash your checks to the big invest­ment firms of Wall Street. Yet […]

10 things to do after the job interview

Con­grats. You had the job inter­view. Now, your work is done, right? Wrong. In today’s hyper­com­pet­i­tive job market, effec­tive follow-​​​​up after the inter­view is a must, and failing to do it […]

5 tricks to instantly appear competent

Research Digest com­piled sev­eral studies on the psy­chology of first impres­sions, and we’ve high­lighted five of the best ways to instantly appear com­pe­tent. When you first meet someone, always look […]

Born too soon

Soon after Cordero’s return, two engi­neers appeared at his door. One, Ingrid Y. Padilla, was a slight, wry hydrol­o­gist from a west-​​​​coast campus of the uni­ver­sity; the other, Akram N. […]

The ABCs of 3-​​D printing and laser tools

The 3-​​​​D groundswell is being embraced by acad­emia, as well. North­eastern Uni­ver­sity, for instance, opened a com­pre­hen­sive 3-​​​​D printing, 3-​​​​D scan­ning, and laser-​​​​cutting lab as part of its library system last […]