Great Britain votes to leave European Union

Observers were pre­dicting dire con­se­quences for the Euro­pean Union itself, as well as Britain and the United States. “It will weaken the EU,” said Alan Clayton-​​​​Matthews, an econ­o­mist at North­eastern University. […]

The optimal CFO? Depends on industry growth rate

Accoun­tant CFOs in high-​​​​growth indus­tries were asso­ci­ated with 7.4% lower invest­ment expen­di­ture and a 14.6% lower like­li­hood of engaging in external financing. “Lower invest­ment in risky projects and lim­ited exposure […]

As the next mass shooting looms: James Alan Fox

It has become semi-​​​​automatic that any large-​​​​scale mass shooting will spark furious dis­cus­sion con­cerning the role of guns and reg­u­la­tions gov­erning their sale and own­er­ship. The higher the body count, […]