What makes a shooting a mass shooting?

I don’t think anyone should ignore mass casu­alty events, even if fewer than four die. It’s cer­tainly a serious crime,” says James Alan Fox, an expert on mass shoot­ings at […]

Conscience Dems’ missing in action

Over the last sev­eral months, a number of promi­nent Repub­li­cans have announced that they simply cannot vote for Donald Trump. Among the best-​​​​known names to take this posi­tion are Mitt […]

Unusual stock move shakes up cyber community

An invest­ment firm’s use of med­ical device secu­rity research has alarmed many within the cyber­se­cu­rity and health­care fields, and excited others. Muddy Waters Cap­ital announced on Thursday that it had sold stock […]