I. You. Great. Trump.*

What is it about @realDonaldTrump that has the Internet—or at least 7.5 mil­lion of us—rapt? We ana­lyzed Donald Trump’s tweets going back to the begin­ning, in 2009, and it turns […]

Can ‘leadership decapitation’ strikes defeat ISIS?

Decap­i­ta­tion strate­gies, according to two researchers, how­ever, can lead to even more vio­lence due to the inex­pe­ri­ence of mid-​​​​level leaders taking the reins. “When their lead­er­ships are debil­i­tated in a […]

Brady sacked in the Second Circuit

The United States Court of Appeals for the Second Cir­cuit ruled 2–1 that Com­mis­sioner Roger Goodell’s four-​​​​day dis­ci­pli­nary sus­pen­sion of Patriots quar­ter­back Tom Brady should be affirmed. In a carefully […]