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Yongmin Liu

Yongmin Liu

Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering



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A new light wave

Assis­tant pro­fessor Yongmin Liu and col­lab­o­ra­tors at Penn State and M.I.T. have devel­oped the world’s first recon­fig­urable fluid lens with the capacity to enable ultra-​​small, ultra-​​fast devices.

Yongmin Liu

Selected Publications

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Near-field examination of perovskite-based superlenses and superlens-enhanced probe-object coupling

(with . C. Kehr*, L. W. Martin, P. Yu, M. Gajek, S.-Y. Yang, C.-H. Yang, M. T. Wenzel, R. Jacob, H.-G. von Ribbeck, M. Helm, X. Zhang, L. M. Eng and R. Ramesh) Nature Communications 2, 249 (2011).


Plasmonic Luneburg and Eaton lenses

(with T. Zentgraf*, M H. Mikkelsen*, J. Valentine and X. Zhang) Nature Nanotechnology 6, 151 (2011).


Metamaterials: a new frontier of science and technology

(with X. Zhang) Chemical Society Reviews 40, 2494 (2011).

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