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Yiannis Levendis

Distinguished Professor of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering



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Faculty experts weigh in on Volkswagen scandal

VW’s admitted instal­la­tion of soft­ware in diesel cars to cheat emis­sions tests raises ques­tions in fields ranging from law and busi­ness to the envi­ron­ment, public health, and tech­nology. We asked North­eastern fac­ulty experts to dis­cuss these issues.


Are plastics the new natural gas?

Researchers in the Col­lege of Engi­neering have devel­oped a com­bus­tion system that burns plas­tics as cleanly as nat­ural gas—and has the added capa­bility of pro­ducing carbon nanotubes.


Journey to a cleaner future

Engi­neering pro­fessor Yiannis Lev­endis was awarded the 2013 George West­ing­house Gold Medal in recog­ni­tion of his con­tri­bu­tions to the power field of mechan­ical engineering.


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