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Wendy Parmet

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and George J. and Kathleen Waters Matthews Distinguished University Professor of Law



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Law professor wins prestigious teaching award

Wendy Parmet, the Matthews Dis­tin­guished Uni­ver­sity Pro­fessor of Law, recently won the Jay Healey Health Law Teachers Award from the Amer­ican Society of Law, Med­i­cine, and Ethics in honor of her dis­tin­guished work as a health law jurist and educator.

Affordable Health Care Act Panel

SCOTUS nomination: The legal and political landscape ahead

Pres­i­dent Obama on Wednesday nom­i­nated appeals court judge Mer­rick Gar­land to the Supreme Court. Here, North­eastern fac­ulty mem­bers Dan Urman and Wendy Parmet answer some impor­tant questions.


3Qs: Vaccination policy, the Constitution, and the education system

Public health law expert Wendy Parmet recently co-​​authored an article in the New Eng­land Journal of Med­i­cine exploring the evolving land­scape of vac­ci­na­tion policy. Here, she dis­cusses what could come from a recently adopted law in California.


3Qs: Supreme Court upholds healthcare law for second time

Matthews Dis­tin­guished Pro­fessor of Law Wendy Parmet dis­cusses the impli­ca­tions of the court’s ruling on Thursday that fed­eral sub­si­dies can be offered to sub­scribers to Pres­i­dent Obama’s health­care law, regard­less of whether the states in which they live have set up their own health insur­ance exchanges.


Northeastern Ebola Experts

North­eastern Uni­ver­sity fac­ulty from mul­tiple dis­ci­plines bring their exper­tise to the Ebola crisis.


3Qs: Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision

Law pro­fessor Wendy Parmet ana­lyzes the U.S. Supreme Court ruling Monday that some for-​​profit com­pa­nies with reli­gious objec­tions can avoid paying for employees’ con­tra­cep­tive care, a require­ment of the Afford­able Care Act.


Policy for a healthy America

This fall’s Open Class­room Series will focus on U.S. health care reform with a par­tic­ular emphasis on patient safety, Oba­macare, and obesity.


3Qs: Gay marriage, voting rights, and the evolution of equality

Fac­ulty experts weigh in on this week’s highly antic­i­pated Supreme Court deci­sions on gay mar­riage, voting rights, and affir­ma­tive action.


3Qs: How Obama won, and the road ahead

We asked three fac­ulty experts to weigh in on Barack Obama’s elec­tion night vic­tory and what we can expect from him going forward.


Election 2012: all-​​day analysis

A day after the nation went to the polls, we’re talking to North­eastern fac­ulty mem­bers about Pres­i­dent Barack Obama’s elec­toral win over Repub­lican Mitt Romney, despite an extremely close pop­ular vote count. Check in throughout the day to see what experts from across the uni­ver­sity are saying about what the results mean for the nation and the world.


Health-​​care verdict spawns new questions

A panel dis­cus­sion among North­eastern pro­fes­sors exam­ined the Supreme Court’s ruling to uphold the bulk of Pres­i­dent Obama’s Afford­able Care Act.


3Qs: Justice cites School of Law professor in health-​​care ruling

An amicus brief filed by Wendy Parmet, an asso­ciate dean in the School of Law, was cited to demon­strate that statewide reforms cannot fully solve health-​​care issues because of the market’s inter­state nature.

Wendy Parmet

Examining the Affordable Care Act

A trio of North­eastern pro­fes­sors dis­cussed the con­sti­tu­tional chal­lenges and polit­ical impli­ca­tions of the Supreme Court’s health-​​care case.

SJC rules for legal immigrants represented by Northeastern professor in health coverage case

Mass­a­chu­setts’ highest court ruled the state cannot deny sub­si­dized health care to legal immi­grants, who were rep­re­sented by law pro­fessor Wendy Parmet.

Photo by Mary Knox Merrill.

A champion for immigrants’ health-​​care rights

Law pro­fessor Wendy Parmet rep­re­sents legal immi­grants who were cut from the state’s health cov­erage in Supreme Judi­cial Court case

Photo by Mary Knox Merrill.

3Qs: Supreme test coming for health-​​care mandate

On Tuesday, U.S. Dis­trict Judge Gladys Kessler, of the Dis­trict of Columbia, became the third fed­eral judge to uphold the con­sti­tu­tion­ality of the new health-​​​​care law’s require­ment that Amer­i­cans purchase […]

Wendy Parmet

Parsing the Kagan nomination

For the second time in the Obama admin­is­tra­tion, a Supreme Court jus­tice is step­ping down. The pres­i­dent has named his solic­itor gen­eral, Elena Kagan, to suc­ceed John Paul Stevens on […]

Health care: rights and wrongs

North­eastern law pro­fessor Wendy Parmet assesses how a so-​​called right to health care would be trans­lated into reality, and weighs in on the inten­si­fying debate in Con­gress over universal—and less costly—health care.

Understanding the national health-​​care reform debate

Reforming the nation’s health-​​​​care system is a top leg­isla­tive pri­ority for Pres­i­dent Obama. Over the past few years, Mass­a­chu­setts has reformed its health-​​​​care system, requiring all state res­i­dents to carry […]

Law students score second in national moot court competition

A team of three North­eastern law stu­dents were awarded second place at the 17th Annual National Health Law Moot Court com­pe­ti­tion in southern Illi­nois. It was the first time a […]

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