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Waleed Meleis

Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering



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Students’ tech-​​based proposals ‘enable’ elderly and severely disabled

Stu­dents in the “Enabling Engi­neering” tech­nical elec­tive recently pre­sented their design pro­posals to fac­ulty, peers, and project men­tors. The epony­mous stu­dent group may bring all of them to fruition.

Enabling Engineering

Engineering ideas to help people in need

The stu­dent group Enabling Engi­neering offers young human­i­tar­ians the chance to develop prod­ucts that will make the lives of people with dis­abil­i­ties easier.


Student project targets memory impairment

For its senior cap­stone project, a team of engi­neering stu­dents devel­oped a pro­gram using Google Glass. The stu­dents say it could help memory-​​impaired indi­vid­uals iden­tify people they come in con­tact with and per­form daily tasks.

Capstone: Memory Assistive Glass

Wheeling toward a sustainable future

North­eastern student-​​researchers have designed a self-​​sustainable motor­ized bicycle that requires no input other than human pedal power.

Egineering Capstone: HyCycle

Correspondence gaming in the digital age

An engi­neering cap­stone team brings together the advan­tages of online and in-​​person board games to create a classic expe­ri­ence that can be shared across long distances.

Engineering Capstone BGoIP

Engineering capstone offers independence to physically disabled

The first-​​place win­ners in this spring’s elec­trical and com­puter engi­neering cap­stone com­pe­ti­tion designed an eye-​​controlled robotic arm allowing para­plegic patients to feed themselves.

Egineering Capstone: iCRAFT

With this robot’s help, the eyes have it

In senior cap­stone project, engi­neering stu­dents apply eye-​​tracking tech­nology to design a robot that can help the dis­abled with house­hold tasks

Photo by Lauren McFalls.

A brainy innovation takes flight

Engi­neering stu­dents develop a brainwave-​​control system for piloting a sim­u­lated air­plane — and cor­po­rate and gov­ern­ment researchers are interested

Photo by Lauren McFalls.

Selected Publications

For a complete list of faculty citations, please visit iRis, Northeastern’s digital archive.


ArA: Adaptive Resource Allocation for Clouds under Burst Workloads

(with J. Tai, J. Zhang, J. Li, and N. Mi) Proceedings of the IEEE International Performance Computing and Communications Conference (IPCCC), Orlando, Florida, 2011, pp. 1-8.


Cooperation and Communication in Cognitive Radio Networks based on TV Spectrum Experiments

(with K. Chowdhury, R. Doost-Mohammady, M. Di Felice, and L. Bononi) Proceedings of IEEE International Symposium on a World of Wireless Mobile and Multimedia Networks (WoWMoM), Lucca, Italy, 2011, pp. 1-9.


Decentralized Scheduling of Bursty Workload On Computing Grids

(with J. Zhang, N. Mi, and J. Tai) Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), Kyoto, Japan, 2011.

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