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Veronica Godoy-​​Carter

Associate Professor of Biology



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3Qs: New clues to unlocking the genome

Veronica Godoy-​​Carter, an assis­tant pro­fessor of biology, explains how recently pub­lished research on the human genome may change the face of genetics.


Selected Publications

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UmuD and RecA directly modulate the mutagenic potential of the Y family DNA polymerase DinB

(with Jarosz D. F.*, Simon S. M., Abyzov, A., Ilyin, V., and G. C. Walker) Molecular Cell. vol 28 (December 28):1058-1070.


Y Family DNA polymerases respond to DNA damage-independent inhibition of replication fork progression

(with Jarosz D.F., Walker F., Simmons L., and G. C. Walker) EMBO J. vol 25(4):868-79.


A single aminoacid governs enhanced activity of DinB DNA polymerase on damaged templates

(with Jarosz D.F.*, Delaney J.C., Essigman J.M., and G. C. Walker) Nature. vol 439 (7073): 225-228.

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