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Theresa Osypuk

Theresa Osypuk

Assistant Professor of Health Science



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Adolescents need tailored social services packages to succeed

A new study by epi­demi­ol­o­gist Theresa Osypuk found that moving out of a high-​​poverty neigh­bor­hood is not the only answer to a trou­bled youth’s problems.

Theresa Osypuk

Study finds widespread school segregation

North­eastern researchers say New Eng­land areas are among the most seg­re­gated for His­panic schoolchildren

Northeastern University Researcher Finds “Hypersegregation” May Contribute to Preterm Births Among Black Women

Research pub­lished in the Amer­ican Journal of Epi­demi­ology dis­cusses star­tling find­ings New research sug­gests that one reason behind racial dis­par­i­ties in preterm birth may have a lot to do with […]

Selected Publications

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Support for Smoke-free Policies: A Nationwide Analysis of Immigrants, US-Born, and Other Demographic Groups 1995-2002

(with Dolores Acevedo-Garcia) American Journal of Public Health, 100(1):171-81.

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