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Suzanna Walters

Professor and Director of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies



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Northeastern community reacts to new Boy Scouts policy

Stu­dents and fac­ulty described the group’s deci­sion to lift its ban on openly gay leaders while allowing church-​​sponsored units to con­tinue excluding gays for reli­gious rea­sons in unequiv­o­cally strong terms. “Claiming ‘morality’ or ‘reli­gious beliefs’ cannot over­ride basic prin­ci­ples of equality,” noted soci­ology pro­fessor Suzanna Walters.

A group of Boy Scouts  from Troop 62 stands at attention in North Carolina. Photo by iStock.

Northeastern celebrates arrival of leading women’s studies journal

Signs: Journal of Women in Cul­ture and Society will be based in the Col­lege of Social Sci­ences and Human­i­ties for the next five years.

SIGNS Journal Reception

3Qs: The tolerance trap

In her new book on gay equality, soci­ology pro­fessor Suzanna Wal­ters argues that the plea for tol­er­ance has sab­o­taged the full inte­gra­tion of gay men and women into Amer­ican life.


3Qs: The Boy Scouts of America decision

Suzanna Wal­ters, director of Northeastern’s Women’s, Gender and Sex­u­ality Studies Pro­gram, responds to the Boy Scouts of America’s deci­sion to admit gay youth.


3Qs: The changing nature of marriage

A recent report shows the U.S. mar­riage rate con­tinues to decline. But Suzanna Wal­ters, director of the Women’s, Gender and Sex­u­ality Studies Pro­gram at North­eastern, says mar­riage has always been an evolving institution.

Suzanna Walters

3Qs: Women’s rights in the Middle East

Suzanna Wal­ters, the director of the North­eastern Women’s, Gender and Sex­u­ality Studies Pro­gram, says most U.S. politi­cians don’t view gender equality as a serious goal here or abroad.

Suzanna Walters

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