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Pran Nath

Matthews Distinguished Professor of Physics



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3Qs: Detection of gravitational waves ‘opens a new window to the study of the universe’

On Thursday, a team of sci­en­tists announced that they had detected grav­i­ta­tional waves, rip­ples of energy across space-​​time sparked by the merging of two black holes. North­eastern physi­cist Pran Nath dis­cusses the impact of the major break­through. Image by NASA


3Qs: Physicists push for underground testing facility

Pran Nath, the Matthews Dis­tin­guished Pro­fessor of Physics at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity, is among a group of leading the­o­ret­ical physi­cists who have asked the Depart­ment of Energy to develop a large under­ground neu­trino facility to main­tain U.S. lead­er­ship in the fron­tier of par­ticle physics. We asked Nath to explain the facility and its value.

Pran Nath

Northeastern University Researchers Develop Method to Identify Sparticles in Big Bang Conditions

BOSTON – Jan­uary 10, 2007 – Three North­eastern Uni­ver­sity researchers have pro­posed a new approach for the highly antic­i­pated dis­covery of super­sym­metric par­ti­cles, often called spar­ti­cles. The method­ology, which was […]

Selected Publications

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Proton stability in grand unified theories, in strings, and in branes

(with P. Fileviez Pérez) Phys. Rept. 441, 191 (2007).


A Stueckelberg extension of the standard model

(with B. Kors) Phys. Lett. B 586 (2004) 366


PAMELA Positron Excess as a Signal from the Hidden Sector

(with D. Feldman and Z. Liu) Phys. Rev. D79, 063509 (2009)

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