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3Qs: Risking life and limb for the front page

Jour­nal­ists risk injury and some­times their lives to report news from the front lines of con­flict zones. Recently, a young free­lance jour­nalist working for Reuters, CNN and Al-​​Arabiya was killed in a gun attack while reporting in Iraq. Jour­nalism pro­fessor Nicholas Daniloff, a former reporter was him­self impris­oned while on assign­ment abroad. Here, he describes the dan­gers jour­nal­ists face while in threat­ening sit­u­a­tions abroad and how they need to bal­ance their per­sonal safety with get­ting the story.

Nicholas Daniloff

A government steps back into darkness

Hungary’s ruling party, Fidesz, has passed a law empow­ering the gov­ern­ment to reg­u­late pri­vate media through the newly appointed Media Council. The council will be autho­rized to inves­ti­gate and issue […]

Balancing national interests

This week the web­site Wik​iLeaks​.org pub­lished a quarter-​​​​million con­fi­den­tial Amer­ican diplo­matic cables, divulging inside infor­ma­tion about U.S. diplo­matic efforts and those of for­eign gov­ern­ments world­wide. The New York Times has […]

Q&A with Nicholas Daniloff: The professor who came in from the cold

Jour­nalism pro­fessor Nicholas Daniloff, a former news mag­a­zine and wire ser­vice reporter, cov­ered the Cold War for 30 years. In 1986, he was arrested in Moscow and held for 13 days in a KGB prison, accused of espi­onage. He’s been teaching at North­eastern since 1989. His memoir, “Of Spies and Spokesmen: My Life as a Cold War Cor­re­spon­dent,” came out last year.

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