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Music, race, and the White House

Hip-​​hop in Amer­ican cul­ture and its con­nec­tions with Barack Obama’s pres­i­dency set the stage for a thought-​​provoking panel dis­cus­sion with experts in race, music, gender studies, pop cul­ture, and politics.

Hip Hop in the Age of Obama

Talking hip-​​hop as global medium of expression

Com­mu­ni­ca­tion studies pro­fessor and hip-​​​​hop expert Murray Forman trav­eled twice to Europe over the summer to lec­ture on his hip-​​​​hop research and help other coun­tries incor­po­rate hip-​​​​hop studies into school […]

Selected Publications

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How We Feel the Music: Popular Music By Elders and For Elders

Popular Music. 31: 2. May 2012. pp. 245-260.


Introduction to Special Issue of Popular Music: As Time Goes By: Music, Dance and Aging

(with Jan Fairley) Popular Music. 31: 2. May 2012. pp. 193-197.

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