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Matthias Felleisen

Matthias Felleisen

Trustee Professor in the College of Computer & Information Science



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Is that a turnip or a bomb?

North­eastern researchers have devel­oped a new pro­gram­ming lan­guage that can deci­pher images relayed by drones, untan­gling, for instance, if an image is of a ter­rorist planting a bomb or simply a farmer planting root veg­eta­bles for his livelihood.


Students author programming guide featuring comics

Eight North­eastern under­grad­u­ates took on a chal­lenge posed by pro­fes­sors Matthias Felleisen and David Van Horn: Three years later they’re holding the some 300-​​page product of their efforts.


Better tools for better software

Com­puter sci­ence pro­fessor Matthias Felleisen has received a life­time achieve­ment award for devel­oping a unique com­puter pro­gram­ming lan­guage that has been used in class­rooms around the world.

Trustee Professor Matthias Felleisen researches program languages and software design. Photo by Brooks Canaday.

Computer science professor wins education award

Asso­ci­a­tion for Com­puting Machinery names Felleisen out­standing edu­cator for his inno­v­a­tive cur­riculum that pre­pares stu­dents to suc­ceed in com­puter sci­ence and mathematics

Northeastern University Hosts Novel Video Game Designing Program for Middle School Students

North­eastern Stu­dents Teach and Men­torMiddle Schoolers as Part of Unique After­school Pro­gram North­eastern University’s Col­lege of Com­puter and Infor­ma­tion Sci­ence (CCIS) has intro­duced “Boot­strap,” a novel after-​​​​school pro­gram aimed at introducing […]

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