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Building a super magnet

North­eastern researchers are devel­oping a super-​​strong mag­netic mate­rial that has the poten­tial to rev­o­lu­tionize the man­u­fac­turing, trans­porta­tion and clean-​​energy industries.

A miniature device with a big impact

PhD grad­uate Brian Plouffe drew from the respec­tive exper­tise of chem­ical engi­neering pro­fes­sors Shashi Murthy and Laura Lewis to design a minia­ture device that detects late-​​stage cancer.

Murthy, Lewis and Plouffe in the lab

Rare earth elements and global energy strategy

Eco­nomic and geopo­lit­ical trends sug­gest the supply of rare earth ele­ments (REEs) will not be able to keep up with global demand. A con­cern is growing as China, which controls […]

NSF grant supports global nanomedicine program

Inter­dis­ci­pli­nary grad­uate research pro­gram receives $3.1 mil­lion to train sci­en­tists from North­eastern and uni­ver­si­ties in Brazil, Eng­land, India and Italy

Selected Publications

For a complete list of faculty citations, please visit iRis, Northeastern’s digital archive.


Thermomagnetic determination of Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticle diameters for biomedical applications

(with Brian D. Plouffe, Dattatri K. Nagesha, Robert S. DiPietro, Srinvas Sridhar, Don Heiman, and Shashi K. Murthy) J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 323 (17) September 2011, Pages 2310-2317.


Computational design optimization for microfluidic magnetophoresis

(with Brian D. Plouffe, and Shashi K. Murthy) Biomicrofluidics 5 (1) 013413 (2011).


Universal properties of linear magnetoresistance in strongly disordered MnAs-GaAs composite semiconductors

(with H. G. Johnson, S. P. Bennett, R. Barua, and D. Heiman) Phys. Rev. B 82 085202 (2010).

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