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Latika Menon

Latika Menon

Associate Professor of Physics



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Tables turn as nature imitates art

The aes­thetic beauty embodied by new research from asso­ciate pro­fessor of physics Latika Menon is the very thing that makes it useful for a range of advanced technologies.

Latika Menon

Titania nanotubes go commercial

Physics pro­fessor Latika Menon has received an Inno­va­tion Corps program,grant to com­mer­cialize a unique mate­rial of highly ordered nan­otubes made of tita­nium dioxide.


Selected Publications

For a complete list of faculty citations, please visit iRis, Northeastern’s digital archive.


Impact of adsorbed alkali ions on photoelectrochemical hydrogen production by titania nanotubes

(with C. Richter) Perspective Article, Energy and Environmental Science, 2010.


Engineering Low-aspect Ratio Carbon Nanostructures; nanorings, and Nanocontainers

(with Hyunkyung Chun, Myung Gwan Hahm, and Yung Joon Jung) ACS Nano, 3, 1274 (2009).


ontrolled Attachment of Gold Nanoparticles on Ordered Titania Nanotube Arrays

(with M. Abdelmoula, E. Panaitescu, M. Phan, David Yin, C. Richter, and L.H. Lewis) JMC, 19, 4483 (2009).

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