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Kamran Dadkhah

Associate Professor of Economics



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3Qs: IMF names Chinese yuan one of world’s elite currencies

Kamran Dad­khah, asso­ciate pro­fessor of eco­nomics, dis­cusses the inclu­sion of the Chi­nese yuan as a world reserve cur­rency, and the impli­ca­tions this deci­sion might have for the inter­na­tional economy going forward.

IMF names Chinese yuan one of world's elite currencies

US impact of China’s devalued currency

How will the deval­u­a­tion of China’s cur­rency affect the United States and the global economy? Here, asso­ciate pro­fessor of eco­nomics Kamran Dad­khah holds forth on China’s sur­prise finan­cial deci­sion last week.

Currency exchange board

3Qs: Analyzing Greece’s latest bailout

On Monday evening, Greece agreed to a last-​​​​minute eco­nomic bailout deal – its second – which may have warded off an all-​​​​out finan­cial calamity in Europe. While it may fix […]

Kamran Dadkhah

3Qs: Is the gold rush over?

Eco­nomics pro­fessor Kamran Dad­khah ana­lyzes why the price of gold plunged ear­lier this week and what inter­na­tional fac­tors affect its value.

Kamran Dadkhah

Faculty Reads, Volume Three

North­eastern fac­ulty mem­bers have written at length on a wide range of topics. Here, we high­light the third batch of pub­lished works in a fea­ture on recent fac­ulty books.

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3Qs: Despite debt deal, damage done

Con­gress and Pres­i­dent Obama reached a last-​​minute agree­ment on Tuesday to raise the nation’s debt ceiling, and avoid default. How­ever, the crisis has dam­aged the United States’ standing in the world’s economy, according to Kamran Dad­khah, an asso­ciate pro­fessor of eco­nomics at North­eastern University.

Kamran Dadkhah

3Qs: Larger issues in debt-​​limit debate

On Monday, Trea­sury Sec­re­tary Tim­othy Gei­thner told Con­gress the U.S. has reached its debt ceiling — the limit on how much money the gov­ern­ment can borrow. Not only has raising this limit been at times a con­tentious polit­ical issue, it also raises larger issues related to the U.S. economy’s long-​​term health, says Kamran Dad­khah, asso­ciate pro­fessor of eco­nomics at North­eastern University.

Kamran Dadkhah

3Qs: As precious metals grow more precious

The value of silver soared to an all-​​time high last Thursday, and plunged dra­mat­i­cally yes­terday, illus­trating the con­stant volatility of the precious-​​metals market, which includes lus­trous com­modi­ties like gold, silver and plat­inum. Here, Kamran Dad­khah, an asso­ciate pro­fessor of econo­met­rics and macro­eco­nomics at North­eastern, who has studied the value of silver and gold in the for­eign exchange market, dis­cusses how the declining value of the dollar relates to the ever-​​shifting value of pre­cious metals and other com­modi­ties, such as oil.

Kamran Dadkhah

Professor’s perspective on turmoil in Iran

Mass protests and pun­ishing reprisals in the wake of Iran’s June 12 pres­i­den­tial elec­tions strike a chord world­wide. Kamran Dad­khah, asso­ciate pro­fessor of eco­nomics at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity, fled his native […]

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