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Jack Levin

Professor Emeritus of Sociology and Anthropology



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Northeastern reflects on conflict, civility, and respect

In the first event in a year­long edu­ca­tional series on “civic sus­tain­ability,” North­eastern fac­ulty and admin­is­tra­tors encour­aged stu­dents to embrace their diver­sity across cul­ture, race, eth­nicity, and sexual orientation.

Understanding Hate

3Qs: After tragedy in Newtown, what’s next?

We asked experts in law, psy­chology, and crim­i­nology to examine last Friday’s Sandy Hook Ele­men­tary School shooting in Con­necticut that claimed the lives of 20 chil­dren and seven adults.

Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting

3Qs: Analyzing the Colorado shooting tragedy

North­eastern crim­i­nol­o­gist Jack Levin probes the mind of 24-​​year-​​old James Holmes, who allegedly opened fire in a crowded Col­orado movie the­ater last Friday morning, killing 12 and wounding 58.

Gunman Kills At Least 10 At Screening of The Dark Knight Rises

3Qs: Analyzing, and preventing, school shootings

Ear­lier this week, a teenager was accused of killing three high school stu­dents after he opened fire at an Ohio high school. Eric Madfis, a doc­toral can­di­date in Northeastern’s Depart­ment of Soci­ology and Anthro­pology and a research asso­ciate at the Brud­nick Center on Vio­lence and Con­flict, has been working with crim­i­nology expert and pro­fessor Jack Levin to com­plete his dis­ser­ta­tion focused on school shoot­ings. We asked Madfis to ana­lyze this inci­dent and how it relates to others in the past.

Faculty Reads, Volume Three

North­eastern fac­ulty mem­bers have written at length on a wide range of topics. Here, we high­light the third batch of pub­lished works in a fea­ture on recent fac­ulty books.

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3Qs: ‘West Memphis Three’ set free

Pro­fessor Jack Levin exam­ines the unusual nature of a murder case in which three young men served nearly 20 years in prison for a crime that new DNA analysis sug­gests they did not commit

3Qs: The mindset behind mass murder

Last week’s ter­rorist attack in Norway stunned that nation and the world. We asked Jack Levin, the Brud­nick Dis­tin­guished Pro­fessor of Soci­ology and Crim­i­nology at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity, who spe­cial­izes in the study of vio­lence and hate, to dis­cuss the mindset of the accused killer and the poten­tial for changes in Norway’s judi­cial system, which imposes rel­a­tively lenient sen­tences for brutal crimes.

3Qs: Fugitives can run, but can’t hide

On Wednesday, the FBI arrested noto­rious Boston gang­ster James “Whitey” Bulger and his com­panion in Santa Monica, Cal­i­fornia, after the couple averted author­i­ties for more than 16 years. We asked Jack Levin, the Brud­nick Dis­tin­guished Pro­fessor of Soci­ology and Crim­i­nology at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity, to assess the role of tip­sters in cap­turing fugi­tives, the dif­fi­culty of living life on the lam and Bulger’s place among the world’s most noto­rious criminals.

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Northeastern University Faculty Present and Accounted for at 2008 American Sociological Association Annual Meeting

Boston, Mass. — The 103rd Annual Meeting of the Amer­ican Soci­o­log­ical Asso­ci­a­tion (ASA) will take place this week in Boston and North­eastern Uni­ver­sity will be par­tic­i­pating in myriad capac­i­ties. From […]

Northeastern University Dean Testifies Before Congress, Assists with Passage of Anti-​​Hate Crime Bill in U.S. House

When U.S. House Judi­ciary Com­mittee Chairman John Conyers needed an expert to per­suade Con­gress to sup­port his anti-​​​​hate crime bill, he knew exactly where to turn. He called Jack McDevitt, […]

Selected Publications

For a complete list of faculty citations, please visit iRis, Northeastern’s digital archive.


The Will to Kill: Making Sense of Senseless Murder

(with James Fox) Allyn and Bacon, 2011.


Extreme Killing: Understanding Serial and Mass Murder

(with James Fox) Sage Publications, 2011.


The Violence of Hate

(with J. Nolan) Allyn and Bacon, 2010.

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