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Jack Dennerlein

Jack Dennerlein

Professor of Physical Therapy



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Stand up, sit down, type, type, type

Standing desks are all the rage, and Jack T. Den­ner­lein, pro­fessor in the Bouvé Col­lege of Health Sci­ences, has taken the first step in devel­oping ergonomic guide­lines for how to use them.

04/25/16 - BOSTON, MA. - Jack Dennerlein, Ph.D. poses for a portrait in Robinson Hall at Northeastern University on April 25, 2016. Dennerlein has a new paper out on standing computer workstations. Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University

The plight of the modern coalminer

Open-​​pit coalminers who drive heavy-​​duty vehi­cles face a unique brand of whole-​​body vibra­tion caused by oper­ating this equip­ment. Backed by a new grant from the Alpha Foun­da­tion, phys­ical therapy pro­fessor Jack Den­ner­lein will explore its effect on the body.

Jack Dennerlein

3Qs: Two thumbs down

Mobile-​​​​phone users who send dozens — or even hun­dreds — of text mes­sages per day may have begun to notice pain, tin­gling or numb­ness in their thumbs from exces­sive button […]


Selected Publications

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The Role of the Work Context in Multiple Wellness Outcomes for Hospital Patient Care Workers

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Association between psychosocial factors and musculoskeletal disorders among Iranian nurses

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