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Harlan Lane

Harlan Lane

Matthews Distinguished University Professor of Psychology



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Faculty Reads, Volume Four

North­eastern fac­ulty mem­bers have written at length on a wide range of topics. Here, we high­light the fourth batch of pub­lished works in a fea­ture on recent fac­ulty books.

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3Qs: Keeping ASL at center of deaf culture

Recent budget cuts in parts of the U.S. have threat­ened the future of state schools for the deaf, cre­ating worry that deaf chil­dren chil­dren will be pushed into main­stream schools where Amer­ican Sign Lan­guage (ASL) takes a back seat to new “speaking and lis­tening” tech­nolo­gies. Dis­tin­guished Pro­fessor of Psy­chology Harlan Lane, who founded the ASL pro­gram at North­eastern and recently wrote a book about deaf cul­ture and deaf eth­nicity in the U.S., addresses the debate between spe­cial­ized vs. main­stream schools for the deaf.

Deaf cultural ties likened to ethnic group bonds

Dis­tin­guished Pro­fessor Harlan Lane coau­thors a new book that looks at Deaf cul­ture from a com­pre­hen­sive variety of social perspectives

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Selected Publications

For a complete list of faculty citations, please visit iRis, Northeastern’s digital archive.


Interactions of speaking condition and auditory feedback on vowel production in postlingually deaf adults with cochlear implants

(with Lucie Ménard, Marek Polak, Margaret Denny, Ellen Burton, Melanie L. Matthies, Nicole Marrone, Joseph S. Perkell, Mark Tiede, and Jennell Vick) Psychology Faculty Publications (2007).


Time course of speech changes in response to unanticipated short-term changes in hearing state

(with Joseph S. Perkell, Margaret Denny, Melanie L. Matthies, Mark Tiede, Majid Zandipour, Jennell Vick, and Ellen Burton) Psychology Faculty Publications (2007).


Effects of masking noise on vowel and sibilant contrasts in normal-hearing speakers and postlingually deafened cochlear implant users

(with Perkell, Joseph S.; Denny, Margaret; Guenther, Frank; Matthies, Melanie L.; Tiede, Mark; Vick, Jennell; Zandipour, Majid; and Burton, Ellen) Psychology Faculty Publications. Paper 8.

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