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Emanuela Barberis

Associate Professor of Experimental Particle Physics



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A pivotal moment for particle physics

North­eastern physics pro­fessor Emanuela Bar­beris exam­ines the meaning of the dis­covery of the Higgs boson, the so-​​called “God particle.”


For physics postdoc, new evidence of things not seen

Physics post-​​doctoral researcher Joe Haley deliv­ered new results from Fer­milab that bring us closer to under­standing of the Higgs boson par­ticle and, more broadly, the way our uni­verse works.

3Qs: Searching for the “Holy Grail” of physics

Researchers at CERN, the Euro­pean Center for Nuclear Research, reported this week they are get­ting closer to dis­cov­ering the Higgs boson, a sub­atomic par­ticle that sci­en­tists believe will explain why every­thing in the uni­verse has mass. The Higgs boson is con­sid­ered to be the “Holy Grail” of par­ticle physics, and finding it would be a great sci­en­tific advance­ment. We asked Emanuela Bar­beris, asso­ciate pro­fessor of physics, to explain the Higgs boson and what its dis­covery would mean to the world’s sci­en­tific community.

Image courtesy of CERN.

Northeastern Researchers Play Key Role in DZero International Physics Research Collaboration

ZZ diboson pro­duc­tion observed for first time at Teva­tron (Pic­tured — The Fer­milab accel­er­ator com­plex in Batavia, IL. Photo cour­tesy of Fer­milab.) Boston – August 4, 2008 – Darien Wood, […]

Selected Publications

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Observation of ZZ production in p anti-p collisions at sqrt(s) = 1.96 TeV

(with V.M. Abazov et al.) Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 171803 (2008).

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