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David Kimbro

David Kimbro

Assistant Professor of Environmental Sciences


781.581.7370 ext. 310

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Carnivorous conchs to blame for oyster decline

David Kimbro, a marine and envi­ron­mental sci­ence pro­fessor at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity, has solved the mys­tery of why reefs in Florida inlets were expe­ri­encing large num­bers of oyster loss. Drought and sub­se­quent high salt levels in water led to a pop­u­la­tion spike in one of the oys­ters’ main preda­tors: conchs.

conch snail on an oyster reef in Florida estuary

Everything you need to know about oysters

On National Oyster Day, two North­eastern ecology experts weigh in on whether mass con­sump­tion of the briny, melt-​​in-​​your-​​mouth mol­lusks pose a danger to our coastal ecosystems.

Fresh oysters in a white plate with ice and lemon on a wooden desk

The noisy world of mud crabs

North­eastern researchers are the first to show that marine crabs are capable of hearing and that their audi­tory ability plays an impor­tant role in their response to fish predators.

Randall Hughes

Stuck in the middle with oysters and crabs

New research from marine sci­en­tists at North­eastern shows that the behavior of middle preda­tors in marine food webs plays an impor­tant role in the wel­fare of the whole system—and that, like our behavior, middle predator behavior is pretty fickle.


Why invader species may be taking dinner off your table

David Kimbro, an assis­tant pro­fessor of envi­ron­mental sci­ences, says coastal marine species that we depend on for clean water, finan­cial sta­bility, and even a good dinner, are sus­cep­tible to for­eign inva­sive species

David Kimbro

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