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Carla Mattos

Carla Mattos

Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology



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From protein signaling to cancer drug development

For decades, the inner work­ings of a pro­tein impli­cated in the cause of nearly 30 per­cent of all can­cers baf­fled drug devel­opers. But chem­istry pro­fessor Carla Mattos may have unlocked the mystery.

Carla Mattos

Selected Publications

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Analysis of binding site hot spots on the surface of Ras GTPase

(with Buhrman, G., O’Connor, C., Zerbe, B., Kearney, B. M., Napoleon, R., Kovrigina, E. A., Vajda, S., Kozakov, D., and Kovrigin, E. L.) Journal of Molecular Biology, 413, 773-789 (2011).


Allosteric modulation of Ras-GTP is linked to signal transduction through Raf kinase

(with Burhman, G., Kumar, S., Cirit, M., and Haugh, J. M.) Journal of Biological Chemistry, 286, 3323-3331 (2011).


Allosteric modulation of Ras positions Q61 for a direct role in catalysis

(with Buhrman, G., Holzapfel, G., and Fetics, S.) PNAS, 107, 4931-4936 (2010).

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