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Northeastern celebrates arrival of leading women’s studies journal

Signs: Journal of Women in Cul­ture and Society will be based in the Col­lege of Social Sci­ences and Human­i­ties for the next five years.

SIGNS Journal Reception

Uncovering ‘Miss Anne’ of the 1920s

Deliv­ering the annual Robert D. Klein Lec­ture, Eng­lish pro­fessor Carla Kaplan dis­cussed the com­pli­cated story of white women who passed for black in the 1920s.

What stories? Whose perspective?

An inter­na­tional panel of museum pro­fes­sionals, philoso­phers and artists trade ideas on pre­serving and illu­mi­nating iden­tity in a global, elec­tronic world.

Photo by Michael Mazzanti.

NU Launches Gender Matters Lecture Series

Con­tact: John Natale at 617–373‑2802 What: The North­eastern Uni­ver­sity Women’s Studies Pro­gram will launch its 2007-​​​​08 “Gender Mat­ters at North­eastern” lec­ture series this Thursday. The series will fea­ture dis­tin­guished guest […]

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