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Carey Rappaport

Carey Rappaport

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Associate Director of CenSSIS



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Summer in the engineering lab

Under­grad­uate student-​​researchers from around the country par­tic­i­pated in 10-​​week NSF-​​funded summer research expe­ri­ences with North­eastern engi­neering pro­fes­sors and then pre­sented their find­ings on Thursday.

COE Research Experiences for Undergraduates

Faculty Senate elects new members, leaders

On Wednesday, Uni­ver­sity Dis­tin­guished Pro­fessor Richard Day­nard was elected the new chair of the Senate Agenda Com­mittee at the senate’s final meeting of the aca­d­emic year.

daynard 2

Faculty Reads, Volume One

North­eastern fac­ulty mem­bers have written at length on a wide range of topics. Here, we high­light the first batch of pub­lished works in an occa­sional fea­ture on recent fac­ulty books.

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3Qs: Train safety on track, but at what cost?

Sen­ator Charles Schumer called for increased Amtrak secu­rity and sug­gested that a “do-​​not-​​ride” list, sim­ilar to the no-​​fly list used in air­ports, be imple­mented to pre­vent sus­pected ter­ror­ists from boarding trains. Engi­neering pro­fessor Carey Rap­pa­port, the deputy director of Northeastern’s ALERT Center (Aware­ness and Local­iza­tion of Explosives-​​Related Threats), explains the fea­si­bility and effec­tive­ness of a nation­wide rail secu­rity system and dis­cusses public reaction.

Carey Rappaport  2010

Research heads meet in D.C. with homeland security cabinet secretary

At uni­ver­sity research summit with U.S. offi­cials, direc­tors of Northeastern’s ALERT Center dis­cuss inno­v­a­tive projects to iden­tify and pre­vent poten­tial bomb threats

3Q: High technology vs. high explosives

In the wake of the Russian air­port bombing, Pro­fessor Carey Rap­pa­port talks about the research being con­ducted at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity on explo­sives detection

A passion for problem solving, and saving trees

Gordon scholar pro­gram offers engi­neering stu­dent an oppor­tu­nity to dis­cover the rewards of research while devel­oping a high-​​technology solu­tion to beetle infestation


Northeastern researchers pursue engineering “Grand Challenge”

Fac­ulty across engi­neering and public policy dis­ci­plines are working on solu­tions to make the nation’s infra­struc­ture safe and sound

Seeing below the surface to advance safety

Researchers at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity are devel­oping tech­nolo­gies to pro­tect the United States from a variety of external threats. Pro­fessor of Elec­trical and Com­puter Engi­neering Carey Rap­pa­port is the asso­ciate director […]

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