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Brooke Welles

Brooke Foucault Welles

Assistant Professor of Communication Studies



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3Qs: Trapped in social media ‘echo chambers’

Social media has become a go-​​to plat­form for people to express their opin­ions on the hot topics of the day. But in many cases, people are sharing those thoughts with those who have sim­ilar opin­ions. Here, assis­tant pro­fessor Brooke Fou­cault Welles explains how this trend cor­re­lates to offline debates.


3Qs: Professors weigh in on SCOTUS decision, free speech on social media

On Monday, the Supreme Court for the first time addressed the impli­ca­tions of free speech on social media. In the case Elonis v. United States, the court reversed the conviction […]


Looking ahead: Social movements in 2015

Marches and demon­stra­tions aimed at shaping the con­ver­sa­tion around race and social inequal­i­ties cap­tured the nation’s atten­tion in 2014. Here, North­eastern assis­tant pro­fessor Sarah Jackson talks about what we’ve learned from recent activism and what we might expect in 2015.


Social networks’ hidden resources

Assis­tant pro­fessor Brooke Fou­cault Welles is studying how people can better under­stand and leverage their social net­works to iden­tify valu­able and pre­vi­ously unno­ticed con­nec­tions or resources. She says this work could be par­tic­u­larly valu­able for the military.

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3Qs: A closer look at hashtag activism

Social media activism can be a pow­erful tool to raise aware­ness about an issue, says Brooke Fou­cault Welles, an assis­tant pro­fessor of com­mu­ni­ca­tion studies whose research looks at how social net­works shape and con­strain behavior.


3Qs: The social impact of social networks

Though some have argued the oppo­site, social media actu­ally makes us more social, says assis­tant pro­fessor of com­mu­ni­ca­tion studies Brooke Fou­cault Welles.

Brooke Welles

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