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Ban-​​An Khaw

Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences



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Cancer-​​detection nets entrepreneurial award

Phar­ma­ceu­tical sci­ences pro­fessor Ban-​​An Khaw was named a Mass Chal­lenge finalist for his ground-​​breaking tech­nology to detect cancer at very low levels by tag­ging cells with a “Christmas tree” of radioac­tive markers.

Ban-An Khaw

Selected Publications

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Avidity of 99mTc-glucarate for the necrotic myocardium: In vivo and in vitro assessment

(with A. Nakazawa, S. O'Donnell, K.Y. Pak, and J. Narula) J Nucl Cardiol. 4: 283-290.


Programmed myocyte death in end-stage heart failure

(with J. Narula, N. Haider, R. Virmani, T.G. DiSalvo, F.D. Kolodgie, R.J. Hajjar, U. Schmidt, M.J. Semigran, and G.W. Dec) N Engl J Med. 335: 1182-1189.


Death by Sealing Membrane Lesions with Antimyosin-Liposomes

(with V.P. Torchilin, I. Vural, and J. Narula) Nature Medicine 1(11): 1195-1198.

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