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Albert-​​Laszlo Barabasi

Distinguished Professor of Physics, Director of the Center for Complex Network Research



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New study: Success can come at any age

New research led by North­eastern net­work sci­en­tist Albert-​​László Barabási shows that, con­trary to con­ven­tional wisdom, cre­ative break­throughs in sci­ence can come at any age, in the 20s, 40s, even 70s.


Northeastern network scientist part of international research group selected for $75M One Brave Idea Research Award

Uni­ver­sity Dis­tin­guished Pro­fessor Albert-​​László Barabási brings his exper­tise at mod­eling com­plex net­works to an inter­dis­ci­pli­nary research group focused on ending coro­nary heart disease.

March 28, 2012 - Laszlo Barabasi, Distinguished Professor of Physics at Northeastern University.

Researchers find the tipping point between resilience and collapse in complex systems

Using sta­tis­tical physics, net­work sci­en­tist Albert-​​László Barabási and his col­leagues have devel­oped the first-​​ever tool to iden­tify whether systems—be they tech­no­log­ical, eco­log­ical, or biological—are in danger of failing.

11/04/15 - BOSTON, MA. - Members of the Northeastern community celebrated the opening of the Northeastern University Network Science Institute during a ribbon-cutting ceremony held at 177 Huntington Ave. on Nov. 4, 2015. President Joseph E. Aoun, Alessandro Vespignani, and Albert László Barabási gave remarks. Photo by: Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University

Facebook’s new degrees of separation: Does it matter?

Last week the pop­ular social media plat­form reported that each of us is con­nected to everyone else not by six but just three and a half other people. North­eastern net­work the­o­rist Albert-​​László Barabási offers a more com­pre­hen­sive view: the number itself is a “toss up,” depending on the den­sity of the network.


The growth of physics research, and its changing impact on our lives

Over the past cen­tury, the dis­ci­pline of physics has expanded expo­nen­tially, crossing bound­aries into areas as diverse as biology and engi­neering. Net­work sci­en­tists in the lab of Albert-​​László Barabási ana­lyzed how this growth drives tech­no­log­ical break­throughs that improve our lives.

physics-lead 1

World-​​renowned scholars launch Northeastern’s Network Science Institute

The Net­work Sci­ence Insti­tute, home of the nation’s first doc­toral pro­gram in net­work sci­ence, brings together an inter­dis­ci­pli­nary team of renowned North­eastern scholars to plumb the struc­ture and func­tion of sys­tems and develop inter­ven­tion strate­gies to improve the health and secu­rity of people around the world.

11/04/15 - BOSTON, MA. - Members of the Northeastern community celebrated the opening of the Northeastern University Network Science Institute during a ribbon-cutting ceremony held at 177 Huntington Ave. on Nov. 4, 2015. President Joseph E. Aoun, Alessandro Vespignani, and Albert László Barabási gave remarks. Photo by: Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University

Cutting costs: Sustainability matters even in complex networks

North­eastern physi­cists Albert-​​László Barabási and Gang Yan reveal a mea­suring strategy that could guide sci­en­tists in con­trol­ling real-​​world com­plex systems.


Northeastern researchers connect diseases based on their molecular similarities

North­eastern Uni­ver­sity net­work sci­en­tists have found a way to con­nect dis­eases based on their shared mol­e­c­ular inter­ac­tions, a remark­able step in under­standing human diseases.

Prototype of man

New algorithm gives credit where credit is due

Assigning credit for sci­ence papers with mul­tiple authors can some­times be a chal­lenge. But a paper from Northeastern’s Center for Com­plex Net­work Research offers a new way to allo­cate this credit.

Robert Gray Dodge Chair Installation Ceremony: Laszlo Barabasi

Groundbreaking research maps cultural history

New research from Northeastern’s Center for Com­plex Net­work Research presents a pio­neering approach to under­standing Euro­pean and North Amer­ican cul­tural his­tory by map­ping out the mobility pat­terns of notable intel­lec­tuals over a 2,000-year span.


Brilliant and motivated, but a good hire?

World-​​renowned net­work sci­en­tist Albert László Barabási was installed as the inau­gural Robert Gray Dodge Pro­fessor of Net­work Sci­ence on Monday, when he deliv­ered a lec­ture high­lighting his research on the “sci­ence of success.”

Robert Gray Dodge Chair Installation Ceremony: Laszlo Barabasi

The social network, Hungary-​​style

Net­work sci­en­tists at North­eastern took advan­tage of a visit from Hun­garian Pres­i­dent János Áder to present research on the social net­work of the city’s Hun­garian expat community.

Janos Ader, President of Hungary

Researchers use science to predict success

Dis­tin­guished Uni­ver­sity Pro­fessor Albert-​​László Barabási and his team at the Center for Com­plex Net­work Research have cre­ated a model that can suc­cess­fully pre­dict the long-​​term impact of schol­arly papers.


A kid in a network shop

Baruch Barzel, a post-​​doctoral research asso­ciate in the Center for Com­plex Net­work Sci­ence, answers some of the most fun­da­mental ques­tions about com­plex net­works. The answers sur­prised even him.

Baruch Barzel

You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours

Com­mu­ni­ties with strong mutu­al­istic inter­ac­tions tend to be more resilient, according to a new study by Fil­ippo Simini, a post­doc­toral research asso­ciate in Northeastern’s Center for Com­plex Net­work Research.

Filippo Simini

A wiring diagram for disease

Baruch Barzel, a post­doc­toral researcher in world-​​renowned net­work sci­en­tist Albert-​​László Barabási’s lab, has worked out a method for map­ping the inter­ac­tions between cel­lular com­po­nents, moving the team a step closer in its quest to under­stand, pre­dict, and con­trol disease.

Baruch Barzel

Northeastern launches nation’s first doctoral program in network science

The pio­neering degree pro­gram, which will begin this fall, will focus on an inter­dis­ci­pli­nary field that seeks to under­stand the under­lying com­plexity of var­ious systems.


How to quantify success

Northeastern’s Center for Com­plex Net­work Research orga­nized a day­long sym­posia on the Sci­ence of Suc­cess on Monday, bringing together experts in fields ranging from busi­ness to physics.


Researchers to explore the ‘Science of Success’

Sym­po­sium to dis­cuss the phe­nomena of suc­cess and how it can be pre­dicted based on data from all areas of life.

Laszlo Barabasi, Distinguished Professor of Physics, is director of the Center for Complex Network Research. Photo by Mary Knox Merrill.

Researchers transcend boundaries for science

At the world’s largest sci­ence con­fer­ence, North­eastern scholars urged inter­dis­ci­pli­nary com­mu­ni­ca­tion to develop solu­tions to the world’s greatest challenges.


Complex systems made simple

Net­work sci­en­tists at North­eastern have designed an algo­rithm capable of iden­ti­fying the subset of com­po­nents that reveal a com­plex system’s overall nature.


A new model for our ‘bursty behavior’

Albert-​​László Barabási and his col­leagues have devel­oped a new math­e­mat­ical algo­rithm that improves the pre­dic­tive power of human behav­ioral patterns

Laszlo Barabasi

What is network science?

Albert-​​​​László Barabási, Dis­tin­guished Pro­fessor of Physics, explains how he and his North­eastern col­leagues are exploring com­plex net­works that emerge in nature, sci­ence and technology.


How we move: a better predictive model for human mobility patterns

Fil­ippo Simini and Albert-​​László Barabási of the Center for Com­plex Net­work Research present a new model for map­ping human mobility pat­terns that could lead to more accu­rate pre­dic­tions of the spread of infec­tious dis­eases and even knowledge.

Filippo Simini

Charting the new course of science mapping

North­eastern is hosting an exhibit that show­cases how map­makers today are exploring what it means to visu­alize sci­ence: its prin­ci­ples and interconnections.

Places & Spaces Exhibit

Adding the flavor to food science

In a new study, North­eastern net­work sci­en­tists debunked the food-​​pairing hypoth­esis, which is based on the prin­ciple that foods that share flavor com­pounds taste better together.

Nurturing a seed of discovery

Net­work sci­en­tists at North­eastern col­lab­o­rate on first large-​​scale map of a plant’s pro­tein net­work, which could one day help treat human disease.

Google algorithm links to cancer detection

Net­work sci­en­tists at North­eastern find that Google’s PageRank algo­rithm can reveal com­plex inter­ac­tions in other kinds of net­works, such as the human body.

Network scientist awarded international prize for research

Director of Northeastern’s Center for Com­plex Net­work Research wins recog­ni­tion from sci­ence foun­da­tion based in Italy

Getting inside the control mechanisms of complex systems

In this month’s cover story in the journal Nature, North­eastern researchers pro­vide a pathway to greater con­trol of com­plex sys­tems, including bio­log­ical and social networks.

Photo: Mauro Martino

In an emergency, word spreads fast and far

Net­work sci­ence researchers find that dis­as­ters trigger rapid rise in mobile com­mu­ni­ca­tions, sug­gesting changes in emer­gency response policy

Photo by Mary Knox Merrill

A cellular roadmap for medical researchers

The latest paper from Northeastern’s Center for Com­plex Net­work Research pro­vides a clearer pic­ture of mol­e­c­ular inter­ac­tions within cells, and their poten­tial to cause disease

At the nexus of art and science

Renowned Euro­pean artist meets renowned North­eastern physi­cist — and the result is on exhibit at Inter­na­tional Village

Giving “book group” a whole new meaning

People around the world can join the online effort to reveal Barabási’s latest book on networks—one word at a time

Human behavior is 93 percent predictable, research shows

By estab­lishing human pre­dictability, Northeastern’s leading net­work sci­en­tists hope to address pressing public health and urban devel­op­ment challenges

Physicist’s work named one of the best by National Academy of Sciences

North­eastern physi­cist awarded the Coz­zarelli Prize for coau­thoring one of the six most out­standing sci­en­tific papers of last year.

Once smartphones become truly common, so will the viruses that attack them

Net­work researchers at North­eastern pre­dict that Blue­tooth and MMS viruses could wreak havoc with any smart­phone that gains sig­nif­i­cant market share.

Physicist recognized for pioneering contributions to interdisciplinary science

North­eastern Uni­ver­sity physi­cist Albert-​​​​László Barabási has once again been rec­og­nized for his out­standing con­tri­bu­tions to sci­ence. Joining a long list of award win­ners cred­ited with his­toric con­tri­bu­tions such as creating […]

Human Mobility Study Meets Ethics Approval

Pri­vacy of users pro­tected by “anonymized” data survey North­eastern Uni­ver­sity Pro­fessor Albert-​​​​László Barabási and his team have done ground­breaking research into the nature of human mobility. The Uni­ver­sity is proud of […]

Human Mobility is Not Random, Finds Physicist

Nature mag­a­zine cover story dis­cusses rev­o­lu­tionary find­ings In a ground­breaking paper pub­lished as a cover story in this week’s Nature mag­a­zine, North­eastern Uni­ver­sity physi­cist Pro­fessor Albert-​​​​László Barabási and his team […]

Northeastern University Professor Elected into Academia Europaea

World-​​​​renownedPhysicist Receives Pres­ti­gious Honor for Exem­plary Con­tri­bu­tions to Inter­dis­ci­pli­nary Sci­ence Boston, Mass. – North­eastern Uni­ver­sity physi­cist Albert-​​​​László Barabási has been elected into the Acad­emia Europaea by mem­bers of the pres­ti­gious organization. […]

Selected Publications

For a complete list of faculty citations, please visit iRis, Northeastern’s digital archive.


Network Medicine: A Network-based Approach to Human Disease

(with N. Gulbahce and J. Loscalzo) Nature Reviews Genetics 12, 56-68 (2011).


Information Spreading in Context

(with D. Wang, Z. Wen, H. Tong, C.-Y. Lin and C. Song) Proceeding for the 20th International World Wide Web Conference, 2011 1-10 (2011).


Controllability of Complex Networks

(with Y.-Y. Liu and J.-J. Slotine) Nature, 43, 123-248 (2011).

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