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Could real-​​time projections be a game-​​changer for Election Day coverage?

On Nov. 8, a group of data sci­en­tists and jour­nal­ists will buck a decades-​​old tra­di­tion by releasing real-​​time Elec­tion Day pro­jec­tions. Renowned sta­tis­ti­cian Nate Silver says it “could go dis­as­trously wrong,” while others say the old way was “ill con­ceived and anti-​​journalistic.” We asked Jonathan Kaufman, the director of the School of Jour­nalism at North­eastern, for his take.

New research offers ‘critical insights’ for treating, preventing Alzheimer’s disease

North­eastern pro­fessor Lee Makowski and his col­leagues sug­gest that Alzheimer’s dis­ease may progress not like falling domi­noes, with one mol­e­c­ular event sparking the for­ma­tion of plaques throughout the brain, but rather like a fire­works display.

For many students, 9/​11 is more historical event than emotional memory

Sunday marks the 15th anniver­sary of the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States. And while the fateful morning hours of that day are seared into the nation’s memory, for many young North­eastern stu­dents 9/​11 is more a his­tor­ical date than an emo­tional remembrance.

A survivor’s story: From genocide to healthcare visionary

Deogra­tias Niy­i­zonkiza, the pro­tag­o­nist in author Tracy Kidder’s Strength in What Remains, inspires first-​​year stu­dents to under­stand “the pain of others so you can work to never let people suffer like that again.” The book was this year’s selec­tion for the university’s First Pages program.

Northeastern soccer scores a win-​​win with new head coaches

As first-​​year head coaches of Northeastern’s men’s and women’s soccer teams, Chris Gbandi and Ashley Phillips are working hard to build win­ners both on and off the field. The women’s team will host Boston Col­lege on Sunday at 1 p.m. at Par­sons Field, with a pre-​​game bar­becue begin­ning at 12:30 p.m.