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Mario Batali: The future of food is in our hands

America is a melting pot, a place where food from hun­dreds of dif­ferent cul­tures can become Amer­ican food. Mario Batali shared culi­nary his­tory and per­sonal anec­dotes from inside and out­side of kitchens when he sat down with Pres­i­dent Aoun as part of the “Future Of…”speaker series.

Recent protests ‘playing an important role in the democratic process’

In the days since the elec­tion, move­ments have cropped up across the U.S. to protest Donald J. Trump’s pres­i­dency. While assis­tant pro­fessor Sarah J. Jackson says the cli­mate reminds her of “the mood of the nation in the 1960s,” she also notes that protests in gen­eral can serve to bring people together, and are in fact a nec­es­sary part of a healthy democracy.

Student recognized for LGBTQ leadership efforts

Nolan Tesis was one of six stu­dents nation­wide to be selected for the 2016 Arcus Fel­low­ship, a pro­gram that sup­ports LGBTQ leaders and their ini­tia­tives. Tesis, who is ded­i­cated to advancing the causes of the LGBTQ com­mu­nity, is hosting a Trans­gender Day of Remem­brance on Saturday.

Healthcare nonprofit works to ‘seed’ next generation of doctors, nurses

Vanessa Kerry, a global health­care rev­o­lu­tionary, dis­cussed the ins and outs of her inno­v­a­tive non­profit Seed Global Health at the latest install­ment of the Women Who Empower Speaker Series on Tuesday evening. “We think this is the new face of diplo­macy,” Kerry said. “We are com­mitted to raising the next gen­er­a­tion of well-​​trained doc­tors and nurses who can be agents of change for their countries.”

Rare book from Northeastern archives selected for ‘illuminated manuscripts’ display

A Dominican Prayer Book, cre­ated in the 15th cen­tury, from the North­eastern archives joins man­u­scripts span­ning the 9th to the 17th cen­turies in “the largest exhibit of pre-​​1600 man­u­scripts ever mounted in North America.” Stu­dents in a “His­tory of Books” class helped deter­mine the date of the book’s cre­ation, notes Gior­dana Mecagni, above, head of spe­cial col­lec­tions at Northeastern.

New play examines women’s rights with the backdrop of witch trials

Through the lens of a 17th-​​century witch-​​hunt in Eng­land, Vinegar Tom con­siders the effects of poverty, humil­i­a­tion, and prej­u­dice of women—all with a blend of his­tory and con­tem­po­rary cul­ture. The play, the latest pro­duc­tion of the Depart­ment of The­atre, runs through Nov. 20.

Post-​​election forum examines media’s campaign coverage

Stu­dents, fac­ulty, and staff con­vened on Wednesday after­noon to dis­cuss the results of the 2016 pres­i­den­tial elec­tion. Dis­cus­sion topics ranged from the cred­i­bility of the nation’s leading poll­sters to the freedom of the press under a Trump admin­is­tra­tion, but talk fre­quently returned to the media’s cov­erage of one of the dirt­iest polit­ical cam­paigns in the nation’s history.