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2014: Year in Review

In 2014, news@Northeastern brought to you some of the most exciting sto­ries about our people. Stu­dents, fac­ulty, and staff excelled at breaking new ground in and out of class­rooms and research labs. Entre­pre­neurs and sci­en­tists inno­vated across dis­ci­plines. Stu­dents trav­eled the world to push the bound­aries of expe­ri­ence. Alumni showed pride and pas­sion in sup­port of their alma mater. And we were proud to share their sto­ries. Here are some of our—and your—favorites from 2014.

Students’ tech-​​based proposals ‘enable’ elderly and severely disabled

Stu­dents in the “Enabling Engi­neering” tech­nical elec­tive recently pre­sented their design pro­posals to fac­ulty, peers, and project men­tors. The epony­mous stu­dent group may bring all of them to fruition.

Skateboard venture is on the incline

One year since embarking on a mis­sion to elim­i­nate ocean plastic pol­lu­tion, Bureo Skate­boards has now sold 2,000 boards, part­nered with Patag­onia, and estab­lished key rela­tion­ships with Chile’s fishing community.

Tech, community leaders discuss workforce diversity

North­eastern University-​​Seattle con­vened top offi­cials from tech­nology and biotech com­pa­nies in the North­west and com­mu­nity leaders including Rev. Jesse Jackson to dis­cuss ways to increase oppor­tu­nity and income equality for minori­ties and women in these sectors.

Demo Day celebrates student innovation

After seven weeks of intense devel­op­ment and prepa­ra­tion, the young entre­pre­neurs behind 16 star­tups pre­sented their ven­tures to the North­eastern com­mu­nity Monday night at the Husky Startup Challenge’s Demo Day.