Commentary: After Orlando shooting, ‘compassion’ conquers hate

In this guest post, Joseph Lagalla, stu­dent pres­i­dent of NU Pride, talks about the impact Sunday morning’s mass shooting has had on the LGBTQA+ com­mu­nity. Lagalla acknowl­edges the fear that “the shooting could have so easily hap­pened in Boston,” and says that com­mu­nity leaders in Orlando are “staying strong and taking the oppor­tu­nity to form an even stronger community.”

Blog:  Faces of Northeastern

James Evans

When I’m giving campus tours (as a Husky Ambas­sador) I prob­ably don’t tell as many jokes as other stu­dents and rely more on my awk­ward energy. I’m usu­ally a little sur­prised when I’m asked if I like it here because I def­i­nitely wouldn’t have become an ambas­sador if I didn’t like it here.”

Blog:  Faces of Northeastern

Jamez Anderson

I’m a stu­dent here but I am back at home right now. I’m vis­iting my sister and we’re going to the Bey­oncé con­cert. I’m so excited. I’m not sure how she got the tickets. I guess you just have be ready the moment they go on sale. I’m hoping Bey­oncé sings ‘Single Ladies.’ It’s a classic.”

Blog:  Faces of Northeastern

Matt Price

This summer is all about working and studying for me. I actu­ally got a job working as a gar­dener for a local land­lord. I’ve done some organic gar­dening, and with this job I’ve planted a lot of trees and other things. It’s a great summer job. I never thought I could get a job like this being in the middle of the city.”

The scientific reality of Game of Thrones fantasy

Fic­tion is often inspired by fact, and fan­tasy grounded in reality. That’s no more evi­dent than in Game of Thrones itself, where a deadly poison, a dis­fig­uring dis­ease, and a fiercely loyal species of animal have been inspired by real world beasts, brews, and afflic­tions. Here, Rebecca Certner, a PhD can­di­date in the Vollmer Lab at Northeastern’s Marine Sci­ence Center, offers a look at the sci­ence behind the show’s epic fantasyland.