Susan Hockfield

Susan Hock­field Hon­orary Degree: Doctor of Sci­ence Susan Hock­field has dis­tin­guished her­self in a career that has spanned advanced sci­en­tific research, the pres­i­dency of one of the world’s pre­mier insti­tu­tions of […]

Building businesses piece by piece

Entre­pre­neur­ship fever is sweeping North­eastern, and stu­dents all across campus are catching the bug. A host of student-​​run oper­a­tions is springing up to sup­port North­eastern star­tups, offering skills and exper­tise in fields from accounting to graphic design to soft­ware coding. To help these groups forge an alliance, fac­ulty member Dan Gre­gory made a lead gift last fall, inspiring par­ents, alumni, and fac­ulty to join in. To date, sup­port for the new initiative—which stu­dents named Mosaic—comes to $425,000.