Tom McCarthy

Tom McCarthy Hon­orary Degree: Doctor of Humane Let­ters Tom McCarthy is a pro­lific, highly acclaimed director, screen­writer, and actor whose most recent film, Spot­light—the 2016 Oscar winner for Best Picture—recounts The […]

Meet the graduates: Andrew Barba

Barba vividly remem­bers the moment Steve Jobs intro­duced the first iPhone to the world in 2007. A teenager at the time, he’d long been inter­ested in “hacking around and building things” with elec­tronics. As a North­eastern stu­dent, he’s devel­oped two apps and spent three co-​​ops working as a soft­ware engi­neer. We asked him what’s next after graduation.

Most-​​ever students receive doctorates at hooding ceremony

At Northeastern’s Doctor of Phi­los­ophy Hooding and Grad­u­a­tion Cer­e­mony on Thursday, the uni­ver­sity con­ferred degrees upon doc­toral can­di­dates in fields ranging from inter­dis­ci­pli­nary engi­neering and phar­ma­ceu­tical sci­ences to psy­chology, com­puter sci­ence, and economics.

Charles Elachi

Charles Elachi Com­mence­ment speaker: Grad­uate cer­e­mony  Hon­orary Degree: Doctor of Engi­neering Charles Elachi, director of the Jet Propul­sion Lab­o­ra­tory and one of the world’s fore­most sci­ence and engi­neering leaders, has […]

Susan Hockfield

Susan Hock­field Hon­orary Degree: Doctor of Sci­ence Susan Hock­field has dis­tin­guished her­self in a career that has spanned advanced sci­en­tific research, the pres­i­dency of one of the world’s pre­mier insti­tu­tions of […]

Meet the graduates: Nicole Torchia

This fall, Torchia will enter Yale’s physi­cian assis­tant grad­uate pro­gram. She credits Northeastern’s expe­ri­en­tial learning oppor­tu­ni­ties with preparing her for the program’s rig­orous cur­riculum and with giving her a dis­tinct advan­tage. “I will be entering my pro­gram as one of the youngest, if not the youngest, stu­dent because my co-​​ops have given me more than enough (clin­ical) hours and expe­ri­ence without needing to take a gap year.”