NU Stage to ‘Spread Love Not Hate’ with winter cabaret

Hosted by Northeastern’s student-​​run the­ater group, NU Stage Musical The­ater Co., this year’s winter cabaret, titled, “Spread Love Not Hate,” is designed to be a balm after a heated polit­ical season. The show will be held on Sat­urday at 8 p.m. in afterHOURS.

Best Posts of the Week: Dec. 5 to Dec. 9

Tech that speaks vol­umes. @TweetRupal’s research gives voice to the speech impaired @washingtonpost — Pres­i­dent Aoun (@PresidentAoun) December 7, 2016 First exper­i­ment on phys­ical human-​​​​robot col­lab­o­ra­tion with @NASA_Johnson Valkyrie. Kudos […]

Legal challenges to the election recounts and what comes next

Wisconsin’s pres­i­den­tial recount is almost done, but legal chal­lenges have halted the pro­ceed­ings in Michigan and Penn­syl­vania. We asked Bill Crotty, an expert on Amer­ican elec­tions, to explain what the recounts involve, why Trump sup­porters are working to block these efforts, and how the recount results might influ­ence future voting policies.

3Qs: The ripple effect of the Trump-​​Taiwan call

Donald Trump spoke with Taiwan Pres­i­dent Tsai Ing-​​wen last week, upending decades of diplo­matic prac­tice. “It can be said with near cer­ti­tude that when Trump accepted that phone call, he had no idea what the con­se­quences might be for U.S.-China rela­tions,” says China expert Suzanne Ogden.

Expert: Trump’s conflicts of interest are ‘a potential minefield’

Donald Trump has busi­ness hold­ings in at least 20 coun­tries, posing an unprece­dented source of poten­tial con­flicts of interest for the president-​​elect. Legal expert Michael Melt­sner says that to have any cred­i­bility, “Trump must keep his family out of the busi­ness,” while polit­ical economy and crisis theory spe­cialist Daniel Faber described Trump’s sit­u­a­tion as “a poten­tial mine­field” that “could cripple his presidency.”

To architecture students, President Aoun underscores shifts in education toward being personalized, robot-​​proof

During a pre­sen­ta­tion to an archi­tec­ture class on Monday, Pres­i­dent Aoun dis­cussed every­thing from how higher edu­ca­tion has changed in the past decade to the vision that brought the soon-​​to-​​be-​​completed Inter­dis­ci­pli­nary Sci­ence and Engi­neering Com­plex to life. Here are some high­lights from the conversation.

3Qs: Trump and the rise of the ‘alt-​​right’

The so-​​called “alt-​​right,” defined by The Asso­ci­ated Press as a “white nation­alist move­ment,” has expe­ri­enced a surge of noto­riety in the wake of Donald Trump’s elec­tion. We asked Jef­frey Juris, an expert on social move­ments and protests, to explain how much influ­ence the group, which har­nesses the power of social media to spread its mes­sage, could have on the president-elect’s policy agenda over the next four years.

Northeastern senior named Schwarzman Scholar

In her senior year at North­eastern Made­line Seibert did a co-​​op in China, where she led an inde­pen­dent study doc­u­menting food losses and waste through Chi­nese supply chains. Now, with the sup­port of her Schwarzman Schol­ar­ship, Seibert will con­tinue this work through a year­long master’s pro­gram at the Tsinghua Uni­ver­sity in Beijing.

Researchers find racial, gender bias in online freelance marketplaces

In the “gig economy,” where algo­rithms drive matches between workers and cus­tomers, hiring someone should be bias free, right? Not so, according to new research led by Northeastern’s Christo Wilson. The find­ings sug­gest racial and gender biases exhib­ited by two promi­nent online free­lance mar­ket­places, TaskRabbit and Fiverr.