Northeastern to celebrate life, legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. with weeklong tribute

Hamilton star Renée Elise Golds­berry will head­line Northeastern’s annual com­mem­o­ra­tion of King’s life and legacy at an event this after­noon led by Pres­i­dent Aoun. There are sev­eral other events ded­i­cated to the late civil rights leader hap­pening throughout the week.

Education ‘stakes have never been higher’

Under Sec­re­tary of Edu­ca­tion Ted Mitchell deliv­ered his final speech as a senior member of the Obama admin­is­tra­tion on Thursday morning at North­eastern, saying that inno­va­tion in higher edu­ca­tion is crit­ical to the suc­cess of the nation’s democ­racy. “Our col­leges and uni­ver­si­ties must strive each day to embody the highest aspi­ra­tions of this country,” he noted.

Best Posts of the Week: Jan. 9 to Jan. 13

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Five simple career tips for job-​​hunting seniors

The spring semester is less than one week old, but scores of seniors have already begun looking for their first full-​​time jobs after grad­u­a­tion. Here, Mary Sul­livan, asso­ciate director of Northeastern’s Depart­ment of Career Devel­op­ment, offers up some tips to the enthu­si­astic jobseekers.

Publishing the Trump dossier: Inevitable or unjustifiable?

When news broke of a top-​​ranking intel­li­gence briefing about alle­ga­tions involving President-​​elect Donald Trump and Russia, many out­lets cov­ered the story, but only one pub­lished the sala­cious details. Here, two jour­nalism pro­fes­sors offer counter view­points about that outlet’s deci­sion, with one arguing “the infor­ma­tion was bound to be dis­closed or leaked,” and the other calling the deci­sion “mis­guided” and noting that “raw intel­li­gence of the sort is often wrong.”

Stranger Things, Westworld, and Mr. Robot: What’s driving our fascination with sci-​​fi?

Turn on most major cable chan­nels or streaming ser­vices and you’ll find a show that bends toward sci­ence fic­tion. Nathan Blake, a film expert, says the com­bi­na­tion of new media plat­forms, remark­able talent, and a cul­tural “sus­pi­cion that shadowy forces are shaping reality” have paved the way for a broader con­sump­tion of sci-​​fi shows.

Obama’s farewell address: inspiring words, familiar themes, and a ‘primer on democracy’

Pres­i­dent Barack Obama deliv­ered his farewell address Tuesday night, which served as a hopeful goodbye and a call to action, urging Amer­i­cans to bring about pos­i­tive change and stand up to threats that chal­lenge democ­racy. We spoke with polit­ical experts William Crotty and Nick Beauchamp for their reactions.

Northeastern community hears ‘unified voice’ at #RiseUpNU

When the phys­ical prowess of Northeastern’s student-​​athletes and the musical prowess of the Nor’easters a cap­pella group com­bined to create a music video, the results were nothing short of breathtaking—something the audi­ence at Blackman Audi­to­rium expe­ri­enced first­hand Tuesday night.

Squash and sustainability: Open Classroom to explore our food system

Eating is some­thing we do every day, but how often do we con­sider the social, eco­nomic, global, and envi­ron­mental cogs behind our food system? This semester’s Myra Kraft Open Class­room series, which starts tonight, encour­ages the Boston com­mu­nity to do just that.