Northeastern’s renowned Career Devel­op­ment depart­ment has earned global recog­ni­tion for its work meeting stu­dents’ needs in career ser­vices and job preparation.

The uni­ver­sity received the No. 1 Global Career Ser­vices Sat­is­fac­tion Award at the inau­gural Future Talent Summit in Stock­holm last month.

The award was based on the results of stu­dent sur­veys. North­eastern received the highest stu­dent sat­is­fac­tion score among the 100 uni­ver­si­ties from around the world that were invited to this year’s summit.

Because it was stu­dents pro­viding the infor­ma­tion that deter­mined the award, it makes it that much more spe­cial,” said Maria Stein, asso­ciate vice pres­i­dent of coop­er­a­tive edu­ca­tion and career devel­op­ment. “It’s always nice to be rec­og­nized by your peers, but they aren’t the ones using our ser­vices. Having the sur­veys go directly to the stu­dents who say we are doing a good job is important.”

The Future Talent Summit was a two-​​day event that con­vened stake­holders from col­leges and uni­ver­si­ties, cor­po­rate busi­nesses, and star­tups to examine and dis­cuss the future of the global job market.

As the number of inter­na­tional stu­dents at North­eastern grows and we send more stu­dents around the world for expe­ri­en­tial oppor­tu­ni­ties, par­tic­i­pa­tion in global sum­mits like this one and hearing employers’ needs allows us to better serve our stu­dents,” Stein said.

Because it was stu­dents pro­viding the infor­ma­tion that deter­mined the award, it makes it that much more spe­cial.”
—Maria Stein

The award under­scores the Career Devel­op­ment department’s nation­ally rec­og­nized work in meeting the pro­fes­sional needs of stu­dents and grad­u­ates alike. Since 2011, the depart­ment has been ranked either No. 1 or No. 2 in career ser­vices by The Princeton Review.

The depart­ment pro­vides guid­ance to stu­dents and grad­u­ates through pro­grams and events that help them under­stand the world of work and con­nect them with poten­tial employers.

Career Devel­op­ment holds one of the region’s largest career fairs twice a year, and pro­vides a wide range of resources and tools to help stu­dents achieve career suc­cess. Husky Treks, for example, gives stu­dents the chance to tour some of the top orga­ni­za­tions in Boston, including Boston Children’s Hos­pital, Lib­erty Mutual, and Google. The Reach (OUT) LGBTQA+ Career Con­fer­ence, which received a national award ear­lier this year, brings together LGBTQA+ col­lege stu­dents and industry pro­fes­sionals for robust dis­cus­sions around career devel­op­ment and iden­tity, net­working, and suc­cesses and chal­lenges in the workplace.

We help stu­dents think about men­tor­ship and net­working, and not only why it is impor­tant, but how they do it, pick a mentor, and build a net­work,” Stein said.