Two North­eastern stu­dents have played essen­tial roles in helping one local startup dis­rupt the car insur­ance industry.

Using their skills in mar­keting and web devel­op­ment, respec­tively, Micaela Allen, SSH’17, and Eric Su, E’17, helped launch Insu­rify, an online mar­ket­place based in Cam­bridge, Mass­a­chu­setts, that seeks to sim­plify shop­ping for auto insur­ance by elim­i­nating the need to talk with agents or deal with copious paperwork.

The pair started working at Insu­rify in Jan­uary, just before the com­pany launched.

As Insurify’s con­tent mar­keting spe­cialist, Allen, an Eng­lish major, man­ages Insurify’s blog and writes arti­cles on topics ranging from car safety to car insur­ance jargon.

I have a lot of cre­ative freedom and a lot of room to give the com­pany a voice on the blog and social media,” Allen explained. “It’s inter­esting. I like taking topics that are usu­ally com­pli­cated and com­pacting them and making them fun.”

As a full-​​stack devel­oper, Su is respon­sible for helping power Evia, Insurify’s vir­tual insur­ance agent through which cus­tomers get insur­ance quotes simply by sending a pic­ture of their cars or license plate num­bers. “I’m working on the actual chat flow, get­ting it to rec­og­nize answers and building an inter­face for our side so we can fix prob­lems if the chats stop,” Su said.

Su, a com­bined com­puter engi­neering and com­puter sci­ence major, first learned of Insu­rify at Northeastern’s On Fire To Hire Startup Expo, an event that brings dozens of hiring star­tups to campus. Having done co-​​ops at larger com­pa­nies already, he was inter­ested in delving into the startup ecosystem.

It has been hectic but in a good way,” said Su. “Every week there might be a bug to fix, but it is also nice to have a project to build and develop.”

Tod Kiryazov, the director of product for Insu­rify and a Double Husky, said it was impor­tant to bring co-​​ops on board to develop a rela­tion­ship with the uni­ver­sity and give stu­dents an oppor­tu­nity to work with a new venture.

We want to have high-​​performing stu­dents work with our team and con­tribute to the com­pany, and these two have def­i­nitely con­tributed,” said Kiryazov, MS’12, MBA’14. “We want to make sure the co-​​ops can work inde­pen­dently and we’ll pro­vide them guid­ance when they need it.”