Halle O’Conor, AMD’17, is trav­eling abroad with Jimmy Fallon, host of The Tonight Show.

Over the past five weeks, they have gone sight­seeing in three coun­tries, stop­ping in Italy, Switzer­land, and the Czech Republic.

One day, they vis­ited the Ein­stein House in Bern, Switzer­land. A week later, they enjoyed a gon­dola ride in Venice. Over the weekend, they showed up at the John Lennon Wall in Prague.

But how, you ask, can Fallon be in two far-​​flung places at once, hosting his TV show in New York while sight­seeing the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Tuscany?

The answer is simple: O’Conor’s Fallon is but 8 inches tall, a card­board cutout.


When she’s not studying abroad at the Lorenzo de Medici School in Flo­rence, O’Conor is taking quirky photos of “mini Fallon” and then posting them to her Insta­gram account @jimmyfallonstudiesabroad. All in all, she’s posted more than 40 photos of the paper doll in more than a dozen dif­ferent cos­tumes, from swim trunks to a priest’s robe.

O’Conor, a fourth-​​year com­mu­ni­ca­tion studies major, is hoping that her cre­ative stunt will help her land a co-​​op job as a pro­duc­tion intern on The Tonight Show. So far, it seems to be working: Her inter­na­tional exploits have gen­er­ated press; the talk show is fol­lowing her Insta­gram account; and a few mem­bers of The Roots, the hip hop band, have even “liked” some of the photos.

I have learned that it is impor­tant to do things to express your cre­ativity and pas­sion as an indi­vidual,” O’Conor said via email from Italy. “Putting your­self out there can be scary, but it can also pay off when people take notice and appre­ciate what you are doing.”    

O’Conor got the “mini Fallon” idea from her mother, whose friends used to mail her paper cutouts of Flat Stanley, the hero of a pop­ular children’s book who is flat­tened by a bul­letin board in his sleep.

Overall, she said, the public reac­tion to her photo project has been pos­i­tive. While some strangers have given her side­ways looks, others have been more inquis­i­tive, stop­ping her on the street to ask her why she’s car­rying an 8-​​inch ver­sion of a celebrity. And a few of her peers at the Medici School have ques­tioned her after class, incred­u­lous: “Wait, you’re the Jimmy Fallon girl?” they ask her. “You’re so funny and he’s going to love the account when he sees it.”

The project will end in May, when O’Conor returns to campus with mini Fallon. Will she be jet-​​setting to New York shortly there­after, looking to begin co-​​op with her favorite TV show? She hopes so. “Watching talk shows has always been an easy way for me to relieve stress from everyday life,” O’Conor explained. “Hearing about other people’s lives and the funny things that people go through is com­forting, and no show makes me laugh as hard as The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.”