We know there’s a lot for first-​​year stu­dents to take in when arriving on campus and starting their first semester. So we asked upper­classmen to offer some tips on set­tling in and making the most of their North­eastern experience:

If you have an idea or want to start some­thing, dive right in.” — Laura Marelic, AMD’15, exec­u­tive director of Scout, Northeastern’s student-​​run design studio. She posted her advice to new stu­dents on Insta­gram.

Don’t be a fol­lower, be a leader. Get involved and take a shot. If you see some­thing that inter­ests you, go to the meeting.” – Manny Lubin, AMD’15

Take advan­tage of every oppor­tu­nity because North­eastern has lit­er­ally every­thing you could want.” – Ava Cramp, DMSB’16

Don’t stress out. It seems over­whelming at first but it’s going to be OK. And your feet will get used to all the walking.” – Callum Roberts, SSH’18

Mem­o­rize the campus map. It makes every­thing a lot easier.” – Joseph Eisner, E’18

Get to know people like your pro­fes­sors and res­i­dent assis­tants. You can learn a lot from them, and they want to help you.” – Steve Carney, DMSB’16

Explore Boston. Get on the T and travel around to dif­ferent parts of the city. When I trans­ferred here last summer I found so many great places, and now I know the T like the back of my hand.” – Drew Har­rison, SSH’16

Join some clubs. When I started here it really helped me meet new people.” – Natalia Ivanova, DMSB’15.