5 Apps For A More Productive, More Awesome Semester

The new semester is coming up fast, and its time to pre­pare. So while you’re being forced to down­load an app you nei­ther want nor need (looking at you, Face­book mes­senger), take a minute to down­load some free apps to make your life easier and more effi­cient this semester.

RefMe: Here’s the sit­u­a­tion — you have a paper due in an hour and you can’t remember the dif­fer­ence between MLA and APA cita­tions. We get it. RefMe can help. Simply scan the bar­code of the book you just ref­er­enced and you instantly have every form of cita­tion you could pos­sibly need. Chicago style? Easy. APA foot­notes? No problem.

Ever­note: This is one of the most useful apps you will ever down­load for a new school year. Make a list of employers you want to meet during that net­working event and check them off as you go. Write a gro­cery list during class that you can access on your phone in the middle of the super­market so you don’t forget pasta sauce again. Type notes on your com­puter and record the class lec­ture at the same time, and it will imme­di­ately be avail­able on your tablet, your phone, and your com­puter so you can review that case study on your walk home.

White Noise: Get­ting out of the house every now and again to study in a new envi­ron­ment is refreshing, but not if the person a table away is talking on his phone like he’s never heard of an inside voice. WhiteNoise is an easy-​​to-​​use white noise gen­er­ator that helps you block out dis­trac­tions so you can study in peace.

Duolingo: You’re studying abroad in Spain next semester, so it’s high time you refreshed your Spanish lan­guage skills. Duolingo teaches you grammar & vocab­u­lary with quick activ­i­ties you can do a few min­utes a day on the T. You’ll have your Spanish down in no time!

Study­Blue: Study­Blue means you can study what­ever you want, wher­ever you are, with portable flash­cards. Create a set of flash­cards on your com­puter or your phone through Study­Blue, and you can access them at any time on your phone or tablet.

Want to make this the best semester ever? Add a couple of new apps to your phone or tablet. You’ll be smarter, more effi­cient, and better looking (probably).

Lindsey Sampson is a junior Inter­na­tional Affairs major with minors in Social Entre­pre­neur­ship and Writing. She enjoys writing about Mil­len­nials in the work­place and social media as a mar­keting tool. Follow her blog here and tweet her @lindseygsampson.