On Friday, Michael Ravert, CIS’16, attempted to answer a ques­tion many Bosto­nians have pos­tu­lated for years: can the average person outrun the MBTA’s Green Line?

On that day, the answer was yes. But it was pretty close.

Ravert is cur­rently working on co-​​op at Run­K­eeper, a Boston-​​based com­pany that cre­ated a GPS fitness-​​tracking app. He and three of coworkers raced a trolley on the Green Line’s B branch down Com­mon­wealth Avenue, starting from the Boston Col­lege sta­tion and ending about four miles away at Bland­ford Street sta­tion near Ken­more Square.

The final result: Ravert crossed the finish line first in a time of 24:08. The trolley made it in 24:49.

This was an awe­some expe­ri­ence,” Ravert said after run­ning. “This was a fun race to do. We did a great job pacing each other.”

Run­K­eeper and event-​​organizing web­site The Boston Cal­endar coor­di­nated the event, dubbed “Outrun the Green Line.” Ravert said he signed up because it was a great way to get to know his new col­leagues better.

An email was sent out about a month ago and I had just started my co-​​op so I fig­ured it would be fun,” Ravert said. “I didn’t really think any­thing of it until a couple weeks ago when the race really started to become pop­ular online.”

Run­K­eeper cre­ated a web­site for the event where people could mon­itor the run­ners’ and the trolley’s progress. The trolley held a size­able lead on the run­ners during the first half of the race through the hills of Boston’s Brighton and All­ston neigh­bor­hoods. But the run­ners caught up once the road got flatter.

Ravert crossed the finish line as the trolley waited at the inter­sec­tion of Com­mon­wealth Avenue and Blan­ford Street. A runner since high school, Ravert said he didn’t run any­more than usual to pre­pare for the race.

Ravert, who is studying com­puter sci­ence at North­eastern, learned about RunKeeper’s co-​​op at the university’s co-​​op fair. A friend sug­gested he look specif­i­cally at Run­K­eeper because the com­pany com­bines two of his pas­sions: run­ning and com­puter science.

On co-​​op at Run­K­eeper, Ravert has worked on pro­gram devel­op­ment for both Androids and iPhones. He said it’s been a valu­able learning expe­ri­ence thus far, par­tic­u­larly because it’s his first foray into iPhone development.

Ravert attrib­utes his work as a tutor and under­grad­uate teaching assis­tant in the Col­lege of Com­puter and Infor­ma­tion Sci­ence with helping pre­pare him for the co-​​op. “Teaching others cer­tain pro­grams that we use at Run­K­eeper helped me to under­stand them better, as well,” he said.